Friday, August 15, 2008

Songs are very important on weddings for it can add a loving feeling and fun on the occasion.

Here are samples of songs you can add on your favorites

  • Ikaw
  • Beautiful days
  • Butterfly kisses
  • Valentine
  • The gift
  • The way you look tonight
  • View more wedding songs with the artist and lyrics on it

During the wedding day, we sometimes think we are ready for everything but still there are unprepared things that needs so much of our attention.

Below are the list of things you need to check to make your wedding preparations organized:

  • Comply all the required papers and fill up some forms in the Church and in the City Hall.
    Submit those before you will attend to some of the seminars in the Church
    and in the City Health

  • Make all reservations ahead of time. These includes...

-Event coordinator

-The Bridal gown, and entourage

-Video coverage


-Hotel and Restaurants reservations,caterers



-Bridal car if you don't have one

-Singers to serenade the couple and the guest in the reception

-Sound systems

-LCD projector if you prefer to have some presentations

  • The rings, arrheas, Bible, cord, veil, candles and matches, pins, the misalet, programme

On the wedding day, you should assign somebody to shoulder the responsibility of holding each of the of the above.In this way you can only turn to one person in case you needed to check on those things.

Be sure to give those to the assigned sponsors before the mass starts.Just make sure everything is in order and in its place.

The rings and the arrheas should be in its cushions. The veil must already have pins attach on it.

  • Coordinate with the in charge of the program or the wedding coorinator so that you will know whats the next thing to do.

  • The bride bride must not forget to put the garter on.

  • Assign somebody that will distribute the giveaways.